There 1.1

Start web app

Requires a browser with
geolocation feature.
iPhone recommended.


We made a very simple web app to show your current location coordinates including the accuracy of the obtained position.

Most mobile devices capable of locating themselves, already have built-in apps to display the location. Unfortunately these display often consists of a pin an a map and lack numeric values.

There tries to complete these visual location displays with numerical output.

The rings pulsate during the process. Afterwards your coordinates are displayed. Clicking on the rings will open a map with your position. To perform another search, click the accuracy value.

What’s new in There 1.1

Displays altitude when available.

Disables detection of telephone numbers.



There is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Feel free to contribute.

Bird: @nosuch — Useless Coding.

Last edited on December 26, 2010.